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Since 1996 I have taken nearly 1,000,000 photos. Of those about 14,000 have made it to this website, including over 1,000 species of birds that have been viewed more than 400,000 times.

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"bewick's" "call" "cozumel" "desert" "island "kumlien's" "madras "mangrove" "myrtle" "myrtle's" "olympic" "resort" "sooty" "southwest" "supermoon" "tanager" "ussie" "v" "wolf" "working" "yellow" "yellow-shafted" #1 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #2 #20 #21 #22 #23 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 & 'n' (brood (domestic) (gray-headed) (i (inland (issr), (migratory (national (np), (nwr), (oregon) (pink-sided) (siberian) (the (unsuccessfully). (up (which (wildlife (wma) (wma), + - 04-05' 09, 1 1, 1/2 11, 11,000' 12 12, 1200 14, 15, 16, 166 17, 18, 1998. 1st 2 191. 2, 20 21 2002 2005 2007, 25 2005 2005-06 2005? 26 2003 2004 2004-05 2006 2007 2007... 2008 2009 20th 21, 21st, 22, 24, 25, 26, 26,2007 27, 276, 28, 29, 2nd 3 3, 30's. 30, 31, 333rd 350th 3rd 4 4th 5 5, 5am 6 6, 600mm 65, 7 33 43 66 7, 8 70 80 7200 9000' ? @ a a408 abajo abajos abert's abert's about above abra abstract acacia acadian accepted acorn acorns, adams admiral adobe adriatic adult adults adventure" advertisement african after aftermath afternoon afternoon. afton, again, agie ago, agouti agpl aimophila airplane airport airstrip alaskan albatross albatross, albinism, alder all allee allen's alley allred almost aloe aloes along alpaca alpine alpine, alps also also, alta alta, altamira although alton, altos amazilia amazing amazon america american americas amongst amtelope amur an and andean andes andina angle anhinga ani anna's anna's annual another ant ant-tanager antelope antelope, anthill antlion ants antshrike antwren antón apex aplomado apparent appear appearance, appears april april. aracari arago arangutang aranwa arc arch arch, archaeopteryx arches archipelago, architecture arctic are area area) area), area, area,oregon area. arizona arizona. armas army around arriving arrow-marked arslanagića art artemis as asada ash-breasted ash-throated aspen ass assemblee assumption astoria asymmetric at atlantic atlantic. attack audubon august auklet aurora avalanche ave avenue avenues, avery avocet avocets avocets, away. b-17 babbler babies baboon baboons! back background background. backwards backyard bad badger bainbridge baird's baird's baja bakery balboa balckbird bald balkan baltimore bananaquit bananas band-rumped band-tailed banded banding bandon, bank baobab bar bar-headed bar-tailed barbet bare-faced bare-throated barge barn barracuda barred barrel barren barring. barrow's barrow's bartholomew's basilisk basin bat bateleur batis batobus bats bay bay, bay-breasted bay-headed be beach beach, beached beaches beachtaken bear bearded beardless-tyrannulet beautiful beaver becard bed bee bee-eater beelike been beer beetle before before. behind. being belcher's belding's bell bell's bell's bells beloit, below below. belt belted bench, bench. bend bendire's benedictine bennett's bentsen berries bert best between beverly bewick's bewick's beyer bicknell bicknell, bienvenidos big bijao bill bill. billboard bills billy bilsky bilsky, binocular biodiversity bird bird, bird. birder birder'd birders birdin' birding birdlife birds birds, birds. bishop bison bittern black black-and-white black-backed black-bellied black-billed black-browed black-capped black-chested black-chinned black-chinned, black-collared black-crowned black-eared black-footed black-fronted black-hawk black-headed black-legged black-mandibled black-necked black-shouldered black-striped black-tailed black-throated black-winged blackbird blackbird, blackbird. blackbirds blackbirds. blackburnian blackish blackpoll blanding blanding, bleted blizzard blood bloom bloomington, blowing blue blue-and-white blue-black blue-breasted blue-crowned blue-eared blue-eyed blue-footed blue-gray blue-headed blue-throated blue-winged bluebird bluet bluff bluff, blurry. boabab boar boarding boardwalk boat boat-billed boats bob bobolink bobwhite bog bohemian bohemian's bonaparte's bonaparte's bonneville bontebok booby book border border, border. bored botanical both bottom bottoms, bottoms. boubou boulders boundary bountiful bountiful, box braces brandt's brandt's brant breakfast breaking breaks bred breeding breezy brewer's brewer's brians bridal bridge bridge, bridger bridger, bridger-teton bridger-tetons, bridled brigham brighton brighton, brilliant broad-billed broad-tailed broad-tailed-hummingbird broad-winged broadstairs, broadway broklyn bronze bronze-tailed bronzed brooklyn brooklyn, brooklyn. brown brown-capped brown-chested brown-crested brown-headed brown-hooded brown-mantled brown-throated bruce brush bryan buckeye buds buena buena-vista buff-bellied buff-breasted buff-throated buffalo buffalo-weaver bufflehead bug building building. bulbul bulk buller's bullock's bullock's bumblebee bumper bunch bunting buntings burchell's burger burial burn burntfork burrow burrowing bush bush-tanager bushbaby bushbuck bushtit business bust bustard but butterfield butterflies butterfly buzzard by byu cabbage cabin cable cabo cache cacique cackling cactus cactus-like cage cages caiman cairn caled california calippo callao, calliope calliope, calumet cam camera camp campground campground, camping campus, canada canal canary canastero canbe candles cane cannon canon canopy canvasback canvasback, canyon canyon, canyonlands cape capitol capped caps captured capuchin car caracara carcass cardinal cargo carivng carl carlos carne carolina carrier carrion carter carter, carving caspian cassin's cassin's castle cat catbird caterpillar cathedral cattle causeway causeway, cave caves cavity cbc cedar cedars, ceiling cemetery cemetery, centenario center center, central centre cerulean chachalaca chacma chafer chagres changing chanting-goshawk chaos chaseable chased chasing chat chat-tyrant cheetah chepeta cherrie's chestnut-backed chestnut-collared chestnut-fronted chestnut-headed chestnut-mandibled chestnut-sided chicago chickadee chicken chicks. chico chiguanco chihuahuan chimney chinese chinspot chiping chipmunk chipping chiru chloe chlorophonia chlorospingus chobe cholla chorister chris chris, christmas christopher chuck chukar church cinclodes cinereous cinnamon cinnamon-throated cisticola city city, clade clapper clara clark's clark's clatsop clawless clay clay-colored clayton clear clegg's cliff cliff-chat cliffs cliffs, cloak close closest cloud clouded clouds club co coast coast. coastal coati coba cobalt-winged cock-of-the-rock cocoi coconut cokeville, colby colby, cold collared collared-dove collected colony colorado colorado. colorarado colored colors columbia columbine columbus columbus, column comb come comma command common comparison comparison. compilation compiled completely complex, composite condor condors conebill confirmed confusing confusing, connects constantine contemplating contrail contrail. contrails conundrum conure? convention cook's cool coon cooper's cooper's cooperative coos coot coot, copies copper coppery-headed coquette, coral cordilleran cordonbleu corer cormorant cormorants corner costa's costa's cottontail cottonwodd cottonwood coucal couch's cougar could count, country county county, county,utah. county. course, course/club, courtyard cove coverts coverts. cowbird cows cows... coyote coyotes cozumel crab cracks crake crane cranes crater crazy cream-winged created creek creek, creeper crepe crescent crescents crested crested-flycatcher cricket? crimson-backed crimson-breasted crimson-crested crimson-fronted crissal cristo cristo, croatia crocodile crombec cross crossbill crossbills crossing crossing, crow crowned crows croydon, cruz cuckoo culebra cumbres curlew cut cutter cygnees dabbling dacnis dale dali dall's dam dam, damage dame dammeron damsel dancer dancer. dane daniel daniel, daniels dark dark-capped dark-eyed darner darter date date. dave davenport, david davis day day, days de dead dead. debengeni dec deceased december deck. decker decoy deer degrees dekooning del delevan, delicate dell delta, des deseret desert desert, desert. desmond detail detail, detail. details. developing devil devil's devils devour dewey diagnostic diagram diamond dickcissel didn't diego's differences. digiscoped. dinaric dinner dios dipper dippers discovered disneyland diuca-finch diving do"call" dock docks dog dolores dolphin dolphins domestic don't donated donna donuts dorantes dorian dot-winged dotted-blue double double-collared double-crested double-toothed dove dovekie dover doves dowitcher dowitcher, dowitchers down downtown downy dowticher dragon dragonflies dragonfly drain dredging drive driving drongo dropped drops du dublin dubois, dubrovnik duchesne duck duck, duck. duckett's ducklings ducks duiker dunes dunkirk dunlin dunlin, during dusky dusky-capped dusky-green dusky-headed duskywing duskywing? dust dwarf dynasty eagle eagle-owl eagles ealge eared earlier early earth easily. easred east eastern eating eclipse edge eel effin eggs egret egret, egrets egyptian eider eiffel eight-spotted either el elaenia eland elder eleania elehant elephant elf eliminating elk ellis em. emerald emerald-spotted emigration emperor empire empty end england enough entrance entrance. epauletted escalante escalante, especially estero estuary etc euphonia eurasian european eurpopean eva even evening ever everyday ewing except exhibit expect explorer's exposure express eye f/22. f/stop facility facility, facing fact fair fairly fairmont falcon falcon. fall fall, falls familiar family famous fancy far farm farm, farming farmington farmington, farms fasciated fast faust feather feathers feature featured february fed feeder, feeding feet fell female female, female. fence feral fern ferruginous ferry few fiary field fields fields, fiery-billed fiery-throated figure files. fin finally finch finch? finches find finfoot finishers finishing fire firefinch firehole fires fires, fireworks first fiscal fish fisherman flags flame flaming flamingo flammulated flammy flanks flash flask flats flats, flesh-footed flicker flight flip-flops floating flock flock. flood flooded flounder flourescnet flower flower? flowering flowerpiercer flowers flushed fly flycatcher flying focus fog foggy fontenelle fontenelle, food for foreground foreground. forest forest, fork fork-tailed forktail form formation forster's forster's fort fortress fosdick fossils foster's found fountain fountain/wash fourth fox france francolin franklin's franklin's franklins freeport, freezing fremont french fresh fridell fried friend fries frigatebird fringe fritillaries fritillary fritillary? frog frog. from front front, frosted frozen fruit full fulmar fulvous funnel fur g0oose ga-mailula gadwall gadwall, gallery gallinule galucous-winged gambel's gambel's gamboa gamebl's gannet garden gardens garfield garr garter gartered gate gates gecko geese geese. genet geneva, geocache george, germany gervaisio get gets getting giant giant-petrel gila gilded giraffe glacier glacous-winged glass glaucou-winged glaucous glaucous-winged globe glossy glossy, glossy-starling glovers gnatcatcher gnatccatcher gnatwren go-away-bird goat goats godwit godwits godwits, gold golden golden-billed golden-breasted golden-browed golden-collared golden-crowned golden-fronted golden-hooded golden-naped golden-plover golden-tailed goldeneye goldfinch goldfinches goldneye golf goliath gonolek good goose gopher gorge goshawk got gothic grace's grace's grackle grackle, graffiti graham grand grand-staircase grande grandpa grasshopper grasslands grasslands, grassquit graveyard gray gray-breasted gray-capped gray-crowned gray-headed gray-hooded grayish grayleg gračanica greasewood great great-crested great-tailed greater grebe grebes gree greek green green-crowned green-tailed green-warbler green-winged greenbul greenish greenlet greenshank greenwood, greuze grevy's greyleg greys grimbergen groove-billed grosbeak ground ground-dove ground-hornbill ground-tyrant grounds, groundscraper group grouse grove grren gruff grysbok gsl guan guard guide guillemot guineafowl gul gulch, gulf gull gull, gull-billed gull. gull? gullantelope gullers gulll gulls gulls, gum gun gunlock gunnison guy guys habitat hacking had hadada hairstreak hairy hall halloween halls hamerkop hammond hammond's hammond's hammond's-dusky hammond, hammondbird hand hang hank hanksville, happy harbor harbor, hariy harlan's harlequin harpy harrier harrier- harrier-hawk harris's harris's hartlaub's harvest has have have. hawk hawk-eagle hawk-owl hawk-owl. hawks hawthorne haystack hdr he head head, heading heber, heceta heerman's heermann's heermann's helicopter hell's helmeted helmetshrike henefer her hercegovačka here here, hereon hermit heron heron, herriman herring herring, herring/thayer's hickman hidden high highway highway, highway. hikers hiking hill hill, hills hills, hippo hippopotamus history hite hoary hoback hobble hobby hoffmann's hole hollow holly. holy hombron honeycreeper hood hooded hook-billed hoopoe horicon horicon, horizon hornbill hornbills hornbills, horned horse horse's horses hotel hour house house, hovenweep how howell, howler howth, huacarpay hudsonian huge humback humingbird hummers hummingbird hummingbirdanna's hummingbirders hummingbirds humpback hundred hurricane hurricane, hut hutton's hwy. hybrid hybrid. hybrid? hydapse hyena hyrax hyrbid hyrum, i i-80 i-80, ibis ibis, iceland id id, idaho. idea identification. idiots idzidowski if iguana il. illinois-wisconsin illinois. illinois/wisconsin illustration illustrator, image images impala impression in in. inca incan indian indiana indiana. indianapolis, indigo indigobird individual individual. individuals inflow information inland inn inside int interior international interstate into invaded invasive inverted iowa. ipod iredale ireland iris irmita's iron irruption. is island island, islands isn't issr it it's it. items its ivana ivins ivory ivory-billed j, jabiru jacana jack jack's jackal jackass jackrabbit jackson jacobin jaeger jaeger, jaegers jaegers. jail jameson's janesville, january jardins jasper-pulaski jay jeff jeff, jellyfish jenna jeremy jerky jerry, jesus jet jetty joel john jordan jordanelle jose josh joshua jsut juab juan juan/wayne juliaca july july-august junco junction, june jungle juniper jupiter just juvenile kaibab kalahari kalk kane karoo kathy katrina kay kayaks kaysville kaysville, kearns, keel-billed keep kelp kemmerer, kennecott kenny kentucky kestrel key keys kfc! kids killdeer killdeer. kilometer kimodo king kingbird kingbrird kingfisher kinglet kirstenbosch kirtland's kiskadee kite kittiwake kittlitz's klipspringer knacks knick knocked knot know knysna kokanee kolob kookaburra koorhan koosharem kori kotor kruger kudu kumlien's kupari kurisa kurrichane la lacked ladder-backed lady lagartos laguna lake lake, lakes lakes, lan lance-tailed lander lander, landfill landfill, lands landscape lane lane, lanes. lanky lapad lapland lapwing laramie, larco large large-footed lark larkv larry las last lastovo late later laughing launch launderette lawrence's lawrence's lawson's laysan lazuli leach's leaf leafs least leaves leaving lebanon lebanon, lee leeupan left left) left). left, left. legs, legs. leidy lek lek, lens leopard lesser lesser. letaba letsoalo lewis's lewis's liberty lick life lifetime light lighthouse lighting lightning lights like liked likely lilac lilac-bordered lilac-breasted lilac-crowned lily lima limit limpkin lincoln's lincoln's line line, lineated lion lion's lions lisa list list. little livingstone lizard llama loading lobster local locals location lock locks lodge logan logan, loggerhead lokrum loma london, lone long long-billed long-crested long-eared long-nosed long-tailed long-toed longspur longtail look looked looking lookout looks loon lord louis, louvre love lover's lovrijenac low lower loyd's ltja, ltja. lucas lucin, lucky lucy lucy's lucy's lunch lyman, lynx lytle lytle's m&m's macaw macgillivray's macgillivray's mach machu madness madre magazine magnificent magnolia magpie magpie-jay mahonia maiden" main make makers malachite malaga male male. malibu mallard mallard, mallards manage management manakin mandarin mandela's manglar mango mangrove mangroved mangroves manhattan manhattan, manhatten manhatten, mannikin mantis many many-colored map maple marabou marathon marble marbled march march. maria marina marina, marine mariqua mark marker market marmot maropeng mars marsgate, marsh marsh, martial martin mask masked max may maybe mayfly mayor's mbr/nwr mccaskie mccown's me me! me, meadowhawk meadowlark meadows meadwolark mealy meares medal mediterranean meets mega melissa melodious memorial merganer merganser merganser, merlin merry mesquitesunset mess metropolitan mew mexican mexico mh-60 michael michigan michigan, middle midnight. migrant migratory miguel milbert's mile miles milk mill millard millcreek miller millicent millipede milo milwaukee, minas mine mine, minersville mini mink minnesota. minčeta miombo miraflores mirror mississippi missouri. mist mistletoe mitred mixed mixture mlini mobbing mocking mockingbird mockingcat modiglioni mojave mona monastery mongoose monitor monk monkey monte montenegro montezuma months monticello monticello, monument monument), monument, moon moorhen moose mopane more morgan morgan-monroe mormon morning morph mosaic mosquito moss mossy most mostly moth motmot mottled mount mountain mountain, mountain-gem mountaineer mountaineer, mountains mountains, mourning mouse mousebird moya mph mt. much muddy mule mulebird mulita munia mural murray, murre murrelet muscatatuck muscovy museo museum museum. mushrooms music muskrat mute mwbirdco my mylitta myna myrtle's myself. myton, name. nanday narina narrows nashville natal national nationale natural nature navajo near nearly nebo nebraska. neddicky needle negrito nelson's nemanjić nemesis neotropic nephi nephi, nest nesting netted nettle neuman nevada. new newark, newest newport, newspaper nf nice night night, night-heron night. nighthawk nighthawks nightingale-thrush nightjar nile nine nm no non-breeding norhtern normal. north north-central, northeastern northern northtern northwestern not note notre november number nunbird nutcracker nuthatch nutrcracker nuttall's nwr nyala nylsvley nypd o o'donnell, o'keefe oak observation occasion ocean, october odd odd. of off often ogden, oh? old olifants olive olive-sided olive-throated olympic olympic-ish on on/roll once one one, only onto openbill openbill, opposed oquirahs oquirrh oquirrh's or orang-crowned orange orange-bellied orange-cheeked orange-chinned orange-crowned orangish-yellow orb orchard orchard, oregon oregon, oregon. orem, original orignial oriole oropendola orpen orsay osprey ostrich other others otter our ouray out out. outdoors outer outlook outside ovenbird over overlooked. owl owlers owlet owlflammulated owling owls owlshort-eared oxpecker oystercatcher pace pachacutec pacific packers padre pads page, painted pair palace pale pale-vented palm palm-swift palmar palthe pan panama panguitch panic panoramic pantanos paradise paradise, paradise-flycatcher parakeet parasitic parasitism) parents paria paris park park, park. parkway parkway, parkway. parley's parmesan parowan, parrot parrotlet parrots part part. partial partridge parula parunuweap parvipes pass pass, passerini's past path pattern. pauraque peach peacock peafowl peak peak, pear pearl pearl-breasted pearl-spotted pebbles pecan pecary pectoral pedro peeps pelagic pelican pelicans pelicans. penguin penguins! penninsula perched peregrine pericopid person peru peruvian pete, peter petite petrel petrel, petroglyphs petronia phabeni phainopepla phalaborwa phalarope phase pheasant philadelphia phoebe photo photographed photographing photographs photography photoshop. picasso picchu picnic picture pictures pictures. pied pied-billed pier piers pig pigeon piglet pigoen pika pike's pileated pine pineapple pinedale, pineview piney pink pink-toed pintail pintail, pinyon pipeline pipit piratic pizza pizzeria place places plain plain-colored plains, plains. plane plants plate playing plaza plaza. please pleased plover ploverantelope plovers plumage plumage. plumbeous plumeleteer pod point point, police pollock pomarine pond pond, ponderosa pondhawk ponds ponds, pony pool pools poorwill popo porbable porcupine porpoise port porter, portrait posada positive possible post pot potato potter pottery powell powell, prairie prairie-chicken pratincole prawns prayer praying pre-dawn preening prescribed present present. preserve preserver presidential presumed presumesd pretty previous prickly primaries primary prinia print prints prison probable probably produce project. pronghorn pronhorn proper property, propoganda protesters protests prothonotary prothonotray provo provo, prowl pt. ptarmigan public published pucusana pueblo, puente puffback puffbird puffin puku pumpkin pumpkins puna puno punuypampa purple purple-crested purple-crowned purple-throated pursuing pushing pygmy pygmy-blue pygmy-owl pygmy-tyrant pytilia quail quail... quaking quealy, queen queensboro quelea queue quite rabbit raccoon race racket-tailed radio rail rain rainbow raindrops rainer rainforest ramsgate, ranch ranch, ranch. randolph, range range, ranger raqchi rare rastatt rather rattlesnake rattling raven raven, raven. ravens ray ray's raya rays reading really reason reclamation record record, record. red red-and-green red-backed red-bellied red-billed red-breasted red-collared red-crested red-crowned red-eyed red-headed red-knobbed red-legged red-lored red-naped red-necked red-shouldered red-spotted red-tail red-tailed red-tails red-throated red-veined red-winged reddish redhead redhead, redpoll redstart reed reef reflection refuge refuge) refuge), refuge). refuge, refuge/national region rehead reifel relics relict relocated remnants renegade replica representing republika rescue reserve reserve), reserve, reserver, reservoir reservoir, resort resort, rest reststop returned retz's rexburg, rhine, rhinoceros ribbon ribs rice rich rick rickety ride ridgway's right right. right: ring ring-bile ring-billed ring-billed, ring-neckd ring-necked ringed ringtail rio riparian rise ritzy river river, river. rivers riverwalk road road, roadrunner roadside roan robben robin robin-chat rock rock, rock-thrush rockaways rockaways, rockaways. rockport rocks rockton, rocky rodin roll roller rollins roman rookery room rose rose-breasted rose-throated roseate roseatte rosie's ross's ross's ross's. rosy-finch rosy-finches rough-legged rough-winged route route, royal ruby ruby-crowned ruby-throated ruddy ruddy-breasted ruddy-capped rue ruff ruffed rufou rufous rufous-and-white rufous-backed rufous-capped rufous-collared rufous-crowned rufous-naped rufous-tailed ruins rump rural rush rush-tyrant rushbird russet russet-backed rusty rusty-fronted rv s s-crested sabie sabine's sabine's sable sabota sabrewing sacred saddle-billed saddlebags safari safaris saffron saffron-crowned saffron-winged sage sage-grouse sagebrush sailboat saints sal salamander sale salem salem, salineno salmon salsify salt saltair saltator salvador salvin's sam sam's sam, samango same san sanctuary sanctuary, sand sanderling sanderling, sandhill sandpiper sandpiper, sandpiper. sandpipers sandpipers. sandwich sandy sanja santa sapphire-throated sapscuker sapsucker sardinian saturn satyr sausage savannah savina saw saw-whet saw. sax-zim say's say's scale-crested scaled scaly-breasted scaly-feathered scanning scared scarlet scarlet-chested scarlet-rumped scat scaup scaup. schalow's schiffornis school scimitar-bill scintillant scissor-tailed scoping scorpion scoter scoter, scoter. scoterantelope scoters scott's scott's screech-owl scripp's scrub-jay scrub-robin sctoer sculpture sculptures sea seabirds seahawk seal seals season season, seat seattle second seconds), secretary-bird section see seedeater seedskadee seegmiller seeing seen seine selection self selfie semipalmated semiplamated sep september series. set setting several sevier sewage shafts. shanties shark sharp-shinned sharp-tailed sharpe's sheartail shearwater sheep sheraton shikra shining ship shipley shirley shivwits, shoe shore shore. shorebird shorebirds shores, short short-billed short-eared short-tailed shoshone shot shot. shot... shots should shoveler shoveler. showing shows shrike shuttle sicuani side side-striped side. sierra sierra-finch sighing sight, sign signature signs sillustani silticoos, silver silver-beaked silver-throated similar since sink sinks siskin site sits sketch skimmer skimmers skimmers, skin skipper skipperling skua skukuza skull skulls skunk sky skyline. slager slangkop slate-colored slate-throated slaty slaty-backed slaty-tailed slc slender sliver slope slope, sm small smoggy smoke-filled smoot, smooth-billed snail snake snipe snout snow snowbird snowbird,utah snowcap snowy snowy-bellied so social society sod soda softshelll solitaire solitary sombre some somewhere song sonthofen, sooty sooty-capped sootywing sora sore sourdough south southeast southeastern southeastway southern southgate southshore southwest southwestern sp. sp? space spadefoot spague's spanish sparks sparow sparrow sparrow-weaver special species species, species. species? specimen specimen, speckled spectacled speed spi spider spidericus spike spike-heeled spinning spiny spix's spoonbill spot spot-billed spotted spray spring springbok springdale springdale, springhare springs springs, sprinville, spuh/hybrid? spur spur, spur-winged squacco square square. squirrel sr-9 srbreno srpska st. st.george, stack stained stairs stance starbucks starfish starling starlings starlings, starr stars starthroat state state. states) station statuary statue staying steenbok stellar's steller steller's steller's stephanie's sterkfontein sterling, sticker still stils, stilt stilts stolen stomping stone stonechat stonecrop stop stoped stork storm-petrel stout strait strange strawberry streak streak-backed streak-headed streak-throated streaked street street. streets striated striped structure stuck study style submarine subspecies. subtle subway success sucker? sugarbird sugarhouse sugarhouse, sulphur summer summer. summit sun sunbird sunflower sunrise sunrise. sunset sunset. super superb superior supper sure surf surfbird surfbirds surprisingly, swainson's swainson's swallow swallow-tailed swallowtail swamp swan swans swarm swede swee swift switchbacks switzerland syracuse, table tachinid tacos tail tailed take taken taken, taken. taking talk tamarin tambopata tanager tanager, tank tank, tanker taqueria tarantula tattler tavern tawny tawny-capped tawny-flanked tawny-headed tawny-winged taxidermied taylor teal teal. temple temps ten-lined tennessee tent tents terminal tern tern, terns terns, terrace terrace, terraces terrifyicanus teton texas texture thanksgiving that thayer's thayer's, thayer's thayer's, thayer's... the them them. then there these thick-billed thick-knee thick-tailed think think) thiokol, this this. thorns thorntail thorum though thought thrasher three three-banded three-toed through thru thrush thrush-like thumb tibellus tiger tiger-heron tile tillamook, tim time times tims tinkling tinto tiocano tip tired tit titicaca titmouse tityra tl to toad toast tody tody-flycatcher together. toilet tomato tonaquint tooele took top torrent tortoise tortoiseshell total totality toucan toucanet toucans tour tourist tourists towards tower towers towhee town townsend's townsend's tracks trade traditional trail trainbearer transfiguration trap, trash trawler treat treatment trebinje trebišnjica tree trees triborough tribune tricolored triomphe trip trocadéro trogon tropical trout truck trumpeter try trying tshokwane tubes tufted tug tugboat tulips tundra tur turaco turkey turned turning turnstone turquoise turtle turtles tutu twelve-spotted twin twins two type. typical tyrannulet tyrant ugh uinta uintah uintas umayo undertail underwing unidentified united university unknown unloading unsuccesfully... untermann up up. upland upper urchin uros us used usgs using usually utah utah, utah. v v.s. valle valley valley, vancouver variable varied variegated various vaux's vaux's veery veil ventura verdin vermilion verrazano verreaux's versus vervet very vesper victoria video view viewing villa village villages vineyard violaceous violet violet-bellied violet-crowned violet-ear violet-green vireo vireocassin's virgin virginia virginia's virginia's vis vista viva vivid vole vulture wabler wagtail wahlberg's wahweap waldorf wall wandering wanyond, war warbler warbler? warblers warbling warhol warm wars warthog was wasatch wash wash, wash. washington wasp wastewater watching water waterbuck waterfall waterfowl waterfront waterhole watermelons waterthrush wattled wattled-lapwing wave waxbill waxwing waxwing. waxwings way wayne we weasel weaver web weber wedges week weekend. weeks weidemeyer's welcome welcome! well wells wendover, were west west, western westernm wetlands whale whales what wheatear when where which while whimbrel whimrbel whiptail whirly-bird whistling whistling-duck white white, white-backed white-banded white-bellied white-breasted white-browed white-capped white-cheeked white-chested white-chinned white-collared white-crowned white-eye white-eyed white-faced white-fronted white-headed white-lined white-necked white-nosed white-ruffed white-rumped white-shouldered white-sided white-tailed white-throated white-tiped white-tipped white-tufted white-vented white-winged whites whooping wi wi, wide widespread widow widowbird wigeon wigeon, wild wildabeast wilderness wildlife wilflife willage willard willard, willet willets williamsboro williamson's williamson's willis willow wilson's wilson's windmill windy wing wings winnemucca, winter winter. wire-tailed wisconsin wisconsin. wisconsin/illinois wise with wma wma, wolf wolfe wolkberg woman won wood wood-dove wood-nymph wood-pewee wood-quail wood-wren woodbush woodchat woodcreeper woodhoopoe woodhouse's woodland woodnymph woodpecker woodruff woolly-necked work world worm-eating wreck wren wren-like wren-warbler wrenthrush wryneck wwtp wyoming wyoming, wyoming. x xenops xmas yacht yachts yaquina yard yarn year year! years. yellow yellow-bellied yellow-billed yellow-breasted yellow-browed yellow-crowned yellow-eyed yellow-faced yellow-finch yellow-footed yellow-fronted yellow-green yellow-headed yellow-legged yellow-nosed yellow-olive yellow-rumped yellow-streaked yellow-throated yellow-winged yellowlegs yellowthroat yep yogurt york york, york. york.december you young yuba yucatan yucca yukon zambezi zambian zambians zebra zella zerene zero zimbabwe zion zions zone-tailedThe above list is not all inclusive. 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